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Casa "Eva Maria Rosa"
Acapulco, Mexico

Plan de los Amates (The Village)



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(Playa La Bonfil)

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Plan de los Amates translates to "Under the Amates Trees". Cousin to the Mulberry and the edible Fig tree, the Amates is a majestic giant that dots the landscape throughout southern Mexico providing much appreciated shade. Their dense and sturdily held canopy provides shelter for many magnificent species of birds and small mammals.

The Village set its roots over 80 years ago and has a current population of about 1500 people; they all of course know or are related to each other. The Village is located 17 km south of Acapulco City. Acapulco airport is 5 km from the property and an endless Pacific Beach (Playa La Bonfil) approximately 1 km away (click here for map of neighbourhood).

The villa was completed in 2005, and includes 3 bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms, a good sized swimming pool, air conditioning, computer, printer, fax, TV, stereos, and all modern amenities. The architecture and furnishings are best described as "Contemporary Rustic Mexican."
A studio apartment was completed in early 2006, on the 2nd floor of a utility building in a back corner of the property. It was intended to be for the owner's use when the Villa is occupied by guests. It is self-contained with kitchenette, bathroom, shower and air conditioning. On the 3rd floor is a sundeck with a washroom, shower and kitchenette area. The sundeck is intended for the use of all guests.

The Village is world reknowned (a slight exaggeration) as the birth place of Jorge Campos. He was arguably the world's premier soccer goalie during the 1980's and 90's, playing for the Mexican team in several world cup events. The Campos clan were amongst the founders of The Village. Jorge's parents, and many many relatives remain in the village.

Within The Village there is a small open market, convenience stores, snack bars and a medical clinic. There is also a dozen or so restaurants and crafts available at the beach. If this is not enough, the fast lane, (Acapulco) is just around the corner.

Golf is available (pay as you play) at the Princess Fairmont Hotel, approximately 10km from The Village.

Taxis are very reasonable - approximately $0.70 USD per km. The drivers will arrange pooling (up to 5 passengers) which can bring the cost down to about $0.15 USD per km per person.

Upon request, Mexican style breakfasts, lunches, and dinners can be prepared by the housekeeper at a nominal cost. Alternatively grocery shopping can be performed by the housekeeper.

Charter flights are available via "Air Transat", "Skyservice", and "Sunwings" from November through March, out of Toronto and Montreal. Last minute discounts are usually available a week or two before the departure date.

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