Casa Eva Maria Rosa


Plan de los Amates


Ken Beattie

Travel has always ranked particularly high in my personal passions department. Not the type of travel where your purchase an “all inclusive” whatever to any given warm destination with water close by. Generally these venues are festooned with various straw markets, so many swim up bars dotting the pristine pools and the obligatory rum or sugar cane factory visit. No, not for me. I prefer to immerse myself in the actual culture of the destination that I have chosen. One such locale, which, when I recall my times there, brings an absolute smile to my soul, is the tiny village of Plan de los Amates in Mexico.

This diminutive Mexican gem is only a few moments from the Acapulco airport, the neighboring Fairmont Princess hotel and a spectacular beach. My cab ride cost me no more than a few Canadian dollars and was rich with conversation, cultural exchanges, shopping information (as we passed an enormous Costco enroute) and the customary smiles from ear to ear from my driver. Upon entering the village, my driver pointed out the schools, church, market area and all the hot spots of this bustling bit of business. Slowing down to allow an enormous boar and three free range chickens to trundle across the road, I noticed the houses on either side were clean as a whistle, sporting copious varieties of Bougainvilleas, palms, flowering shrubs and oodles of container herbs and little gardens. As a horticulturist, I always look for what the locals grow in their yards, it’s most revealing of a culture.

We arrived at the home that was to be my place for the following days, I was amazed. A gated and walled edifice complete with a free form pool in the front garden, a ramada (front porch) complete with cooling terra cotta tiles which flow to the inside of this truly Mexican home. I am not sure how you may approach a holiday villa, but I’m inherently nosey. Checking every nook and cranny, each room, the oven, as if I would ever use it… and all the facilities. Casa Eva Maria Rosa is just a cool place to stay. Three beautifully appointed bedrooms, exposed brick walls, comfy beds, tiled floors and awesome remote controlled air conditioning units. The bathrooms were totally spotless and sported shower areas large enough to house a fraternity party. Fresh towels, all the amenities of an urban hotel, this “home” certainly exceeded my expectations. As a bone fide road warrior and “hotel hound“, I had found my Mexican paradise.

The local people are unbelievably amicable. Now my Spanish lacks a, let’s say, certain believability, but that didn’t seem to matter. Esperanto, sign language and the international vocabulary of gesticulation was sufficient for us to communicate. I shopped locally for fresh water shrimps (dirt cheap) eggs, chickens which were all too fresh indeed and of course traditional Mexican foods. After dark, the little village came to life. Locals opened stalls along the main drag to sell hot tortillas, cold beer, bits and bites of local fare and generally to socialize. Everyone comes out in the cool of the evening and visits, how nice is that?

Honestly, there was no need or desire to travel the 15 minutes or so by car to Acapulco for the nightlife. I had such a great time with the locals at a soccer game, sharing drinks at a local shop, or just chatting with whomever, I never did make it into the famed Acapulco. I remain amazed that such a relaxed, friendly micro-culture continues to exist only 15 kilometers from the Acapulco fast lane.

Words of wisdom from this old traveler…. GO…and stay at Casa Eva Maria Rosa... you will not be disappointed, only loved. By the way, be prepared to cry on the day you have to leave, this is not a vacation, but a life experience.